Sports Team/ Coach

Our dietitians are offering a number of services to sports teams and coaches. We enjoy working very closely with coaches, teams and individual athletes to focus on nutrition in helping improve performance. Here are some of the ways we can be involved with your sports team:

Dietitian services offered:

  • Sports team nutrition screen: Read More >

    The team nutrition screen service is for members of an athletic team. It can help to identify athletes who are at risk for injury or poor performance due to dietary and lifestyle habits. Each team member completes an assessment form, which is reviewed by the Dietitian. A report will be provided on the individuals nutrition needs as it relates to their sport. All information collected is confidential, and team members are given the opportunity to follow up with individual nutrition guidance.

    "Good nutrition accounts for 50% of my performance, with 40% being mental and 10% being physical"~ Hayley Wickenheiser, five time hockey Olympian

  • Implementation of nutrition/ hydration protocols
  • Educational sessions
  • Attendance at training
  • Hydration/sweat rate testing