Individual Athletes

The following services are offered for individual athletes. This could include an athlete of an individual sport (i.e. triathlon) or an individual athlete involved in a team sport (i.e. rugby).

Dietitian services offered:

  • Individual meal plan (training plan or off-season plan)
  • Competition meal plan
  • Travel nutrition plan
  • Online tracking with dietitian feedback
  • Hydration testing + hydration action plan
  • Sweat rate testing
  • Body composition testing
  • Food record analysis
  • Attendance at training

"The winners will, without doubt, be highly talented, highly trained and highly motivated. At one time that would have been enough. But these days it is highly likely that everyone in the race will have these qualities…where everyone else is equal, it is diet that will make the vital difference" ~ Ron Maughan, Professor of Sport and Exercise Nutrition