During an initial treatment you will meet with one of our fully qualified Massage Theripists, we begin by determining your basic level of health by asking a series of questions relating to any chronic health conditions or medications that you might be taking. We then discuss your treatment goals: your reasons for seeking Massage Therapy, areas of your body which hold stress or experience pain, restriction or discomfort.

Then, we will propose a treatment that we think will best meet your stated goals and begin the treatment from there. Overall your initial appointment will require anywhere from 45-60 minutes in order to perform the appropriate assessment and treatment necessary for the most accurate results.

At the end of your appointment we will suggest the frequency and duration for future appointments if they are necessary. You may book your follow-up appointments at this time, or call when you feel the need to come back. It is also recommended that you try to book your next appointment at least 5-10 days after your first massage to really address your concerns.

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